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Nowadays, PDF files are everywhere and are used widely in corporate environment to store and transfer information electronically. That's because PDF files have a lot of advantages, like the tiny disk space they occupy, the facility they provide a user to transfer their data without any modification in text, images or the structure of the document and the most importantly the facility to view them on any platform using suitable PDF reader. But in spite of these advantages, there are situations where it becomes pretty much difficult for a user to manage a PDF files due to it's large size.

Users cannot use large size PDF files (PDF file with thousands of pages like data sheets, graphics, manuals) to transfer information, specially over the internet as server and most of the email service provider just discard heavy documents. In such situations, you will need an efficient PDF splitter to split large size PDF files into number of small sized PDF files.

When it becomes difficult to manage large size PDF files, look no further and get PDF Splitter Tool by Estelar Group. Continue reading to know more about this PDF Split tool named Estelar PDF spliter.

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Estelar PDF Splitter - Ultimate Solution to Split Large Size PDF Files

Estelar PDF Splitter is an easy-to-use lightning-quick desktop utility that lets you split any Adobe Acrobat PDF file into smaller PDF files. With this excellent tool, you can easily split large PDF documents into several using various different methods. It offers you 3 methods to split PDF files:

1) Split a PDF document in several parts;

2) split PDF by pages;

3) extract a range of pages from a large PDF file.


split large size pdf file into smaller parts Users can make use of this tool to quickly split PDF files without losing original links and form fields. It would not modify the orignal content and file formatting of a original PDF file in any way. Furthermore, this tool works perfectly with encryrpted or password protected PDF files as well. All you need to do is select the PDF file that you want to split up on your PC, specify the desired method to split a PDF document, and click a button. For detailed information check this page on how PDF Splitter works. It gives you dozens of reasons to not to shell out the money for Adobe Acrobat. Refer to following key features of Estelar PDF Spliter for more detailes:

  • Easy-to-use program with user friendly and interactive interface;
  • 3 Flexible Split Modes;split PDF in several PDF files, extract PDF by page range and split by every n pages;
  • Split password protected PDF files as well;
  • Independenct from Adobe products, i.e. does not require Adobe Acrobat or Reader installed;
  • Support drag and drop operation;
  • Compatible with all Windows OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000 (Both 32 and with 64 Bit).

Download Free Trial Version of Estelar PDF Splitter

To know more about this program or to evaluate in real time, we request you to download free demo version of this program. Demo version enables you to evaluate our program fully and to find out that it is really worth its money.

Note: Trial version display watermark on output PDF files. To get rid of this watermark limitation, registered version of PDF splitter is required.


Estelar PDF Splitter
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